Rev Up Your Knowledge for Your Driver's License Test

Driver's education courses and services in Sulphur, Louisiana

First-time drivers in the state of Louisiana are required to complete a driver's education course or a pre-licensing course at a state-certified school. Parkview Driving School offers the necessary education and behind-the-wheel courses for new drivers in the Bayou State. Our certified instructors teach individuals of all ages to drive safely and responsibly. Here are the courses we offer at Parkview Driving School:

38-Hour Driver's Education Course - $350 Cash or Check

The 38-hour course is required for individuals who are 15 to 17 years of age. The course consists of 30 hours of traditional classroom education and eight hours of behind-the-wheel training. You'll learn the fundamentals of being a safe driver during this course, including the basics of Louisiana traffic laws and the best practices when driving in hazardous and dangerous conditions.

The 38-hour driver's education course is four days (two consecutive weekends). You will receive 30 hours of training each day. Register online or via mail with a $60 deposit to reserve your spot.

Road Skills Testing - $60

You must pass a road skills test before applying for a driver's license in Louisiana. Your road skills test will examine your ability to perform maneuvers in a motor vehicle. This includes backing out, parking, yielding and maneuvering between lanes.

Appointments are held rain or shine. Must call for your appointment to schedule your $60 test(cash only). Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Students cannot provide their own vehicle; they must drive the vehicle provided by the instructor.

In-Vehicle Training - $150 cash

Do you need a refresher driver's course? We offer one-on-one training behind the wheel for individuals of all ages. Our certified instructors offer private driving lessons in dual-control vehicles.

14-Hour Pre-Licensing Course - $350 Cash

A pre-licensing course is required by the state of Louisiana for anyone 18+ seeking to acquire a driver's license for the first time. The course consists of six hours of classroom training and eight hours behind the wheel.