Can You Safely Maneuver a Vehicle?

Can You Safely Maneuver a Vehicle?

Schedule your road skills test in Sulphur, Louisiana

Before you apply for a driver’s license in Louisiana, you must pass a road skills test. A road skills test will determine how well you can maneuver a vehicle in normal driving situations. You will be tested on your:

  • Parking skills
  • Yielding/Stopping abilities
  • Reverse maneuvers
  • Lane changes
  • Following distance
  • Left and right turns

If you are 16 years old, you must have had your learner’s permit for 180 days to be eligible for road skills testing. Students who are 17 years or older are not required to have their permit. However, you must pass a pre-licensing course prior to scheduling your road skills test.

Parkview Driving School offers road skills testing in Sulphur, Louisiana.

We provide our students with a comfortable and convenient environment for their road skills test. You are not allowed to drive your own vehicle; you must use a certified vehicle at Parkview Driving School. Appointments are held rain or shine. Must call for your appointment to schedule your $50 test(cash only). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.